Ford’s new in-car advertising patent is what hell looks like

Street sign sensing tech is becoming increasingly common on modern cars, and it’s a useful safety feature that can be used to keep drivers aware of speed limits and other restrictions. But Ford’s latest patent suggests that it wants to use that technology to make money. Shameless capitalists.

What’s going on?

According to the US patent office, the Blue Oval published trademark documents for a “billboard interfaces for vehicle displays” system.

In more detail: Ford wants to create a “method for generating a billboard interface for a vehicle display [that] includes obtaining, via a camera, an image of a billboard and identifying, via a processor, a segment of the image.”

“The example method also includes communicating, via a communication module, the billboard interface to a vehicle display for presentation to a user,” the patent reads.

Or in real plain human speak, Ford wants cars to scan billboards as they drive past, to serve up more adverts on the car’s infotainment screen. Yes, the dystopian future of motoring is well and truly upon us.

Credit: Ford – US Patent Office