20 Shredded Chicken Recipes for Fast, Filling Dinners

Frantically Googling “shredded chicken recipes”? Either you’ve got some leftover rotisserie in the fridge that needs using up, or you’ve just got a craving for poultry with a very specific texture. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Shredded chicken is really like the tofu of the…chicken world. Sounds ridiculous, but you kind of get it. When you take plain poultry, cook it till tender, and pull it apart with two forks, it somehow takes on the ability to fit right into any dish. We’re talking chicken salad sandwiches, cozy soups and stews, creamy pastas, fiery noodle bowls, refreshing salads, all-in-one casseroles and pies, and more. Shredded chicken really is a shapeshifter like that!

What’s more, using a store-bought shortcut—rotisserie chicken!—is an easy way to hit the ground running. Rotisserie birds are a timesaver that will help you put dinner on the table that much more quickly, and they’re as tasty as making your own shredded chicken from scratch (or depending on your cooking skills, possibly even more tasty). And luckily, most recipes that call for shredded chicken can totally adapt to home-cooked or store-bought. 

That includes these 20 delectable shredded chicken recipes, all of which will have you saying, Yes! This is exactly what I was searching for.

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