Modern Morals: My in-laws really want our child to be baptised, but I don’t – should we do it to keep them happy?

Question: I have a very good relationship with my in-laws. They’ve been in my life for almost five years and they’ve been a huge support to me and my partner. They helped pay for our wedding and they also gifted us a significant sum towards our mortgage deposit. I’m agnostic and they’re staunch Catholics so we agreed to have a church wedding, really just to appease them. Now I wish we hadn’t.

recently became a mother to my first child and my in-laws are now insisting that we get our son baptised because they believe strongly that baptism cleanses us of original sin. My husband thinks we should do it, again just to make them happy, but this isn’t the message I want to send to my child. At the same time, I feel beholden because they have given us so many financial gifts. What should I do?

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