The 15 Best Scented Candles to Burn When You Just Need a Minute

Anyone who truly knows me understands that lighting at least one candle a day in my apartment is a requirement for my well-being. While I have a handful of hobbies, rediscovering old candle go-tos and finding new ones to enjoy is probably one of my favorites, especially to decompress after a long day. And I’m not talking about just any ol’ candles—I’m very particular about which ones have the pleasure of gracing my front door (and my nostrils).

At any given time, I prefer having at least three of what I consider some of the best scented candles at the ready, just in case I burn one or two a little too often (which happens a lot). I also like to keep a small stable of candles near to seamlessly alternate scents in my home based on my mood, the weather, for special events, and sometimes as the cherry on top of a spotlessly clean house. When it comes to my candle scents of choice, I gravitate toward deeper, woodsier aromas, but also enjoy airy, linen, and beach-inspired notes, as well as brighter fragrances that leave the lingering smell of fresh-cut flowers.

To help you expand your own scented candle collection, I’ve handpicked my favorites that make me feel more serene while adding a touch of elegance to my home décor aesthetic. Here, 15 of the best scented candles worth enjoying—and intensely wafting—all year-round.

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