If you’re ever wanted to create video games, this training can show you how for only $15

TLDR: The Unreal and Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle offers full training in using the world’s two most popular game creation engines to make brilliant game development a reality.

For those looking to turn their video game ideas into an actual playable game, there may be no more important question to answer than if you’re an Unreal type or a Unity user.

The two most powerful game creation engines on the planet, both Unity and Unreal have been responsible for helping launch scores of great games. And while either could be the platform to bring your specific game to life, each as their own distinct strengths and weaknesses.

With the training in The Unreal and Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle ($15, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), you can fully explore what each game-creation environment has to offer so you’re ready to develop games your way in either game incubator.

The collection includes six courses packed with more than 50 hours of training in getting the most out of both engines. Whether you’re interested in building an addictive little mobile app game or an intricate gaming adventure with multiple levels and 4-star graphics, this look at both Unreal and Unity can bring you a step closer to make that game a reality, no matter which game engine you ultimately choose.

For Unity backers, this package features three different Unity-related courses, starting with Unity Android 2021: Build 7 Games with Unity and C#. Young developers start by building a strong understanding of how to build in Unity as well as the fundamentals of the C# coding language, one of the primary languages used in modern game creation. Across that training, users ultimately build seven of their own Unity games for Android, as well as more than 40 mini-projects for creating game effects, controller functions, shooter mechanics, and more.

By the time students are finished, they’re ready to use both Unity and C# to build masterful games of virtually any size and style.

Meanwhile, the remaining three courses dig into building games the Unreal way. It all starts with Unreal Engine Game Development for Beginners, featuring a full introduction for how to get started using Unreal and generating the gorgeous graphics that engine is famous for. With the basics out of the way, the remaining coursework helps new Unreal users put together a pair of games to broaden their skills, including a first-person shooter game as well as an action RPG game.

The training in The Unreal and Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle includes $1,200 worth of coursework, but with the regular TNW Deals discount as well as the current Labor Day Sale special, this entire package is available now for only $15. That price is only active for a few days, so get in on the offer now.

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