The internet’s best comment section is on a shark tracker app

Pure joy often strikes you in the most unexpected places. Take this morning, for example. I woke after an awful night’s sleep, expecting a terrible day, and instead I was met with OCEARCH, a shark tracker app.

Wonder what I’m talking about it? Well, OCEARCH is an organization dedicated to supporting marine life. One of the things it does to try and achieve this is to track marine life across the globe.

Mainly, it’s a shark tracker, but OCEARCH also keeps an eye on other sea animals, including dolphins and turtles. You can go and have a look at the web app here.

Thing is, this isn’t where its true joy lies. That’s on the mobile app, which has been blowing up on Twitter.

Here’s a little public service announcement: go and download the OCEARCH shark tracking app now. It’s terrific. Specifically, because the comments are absolute gold.

Please, let me show you. Here’s the closest sea turtle to me in Northern Europe right now, the gorgeous Thalia: