IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 4, 2021

MIME is an software security stock in which i still have a position Nice pullback to the 50-day line. Hey Scott, that was a great MarketSmith Webinar with you, Irusha, Charles Harris and Jim Roppel! LOL!!! OK good to hear, 🙂 improvised on the fly so wasn’t sure how it would play out Energy and airlines look strong this morning Some good news on both fronts. GM All, absolutely brilliant MarketSmith Webinar! Great to hear! Awesome Webinars last week! Good, glad it went good. Always like to hear those guys Justin, over the weekend I watched your podcast with Mark Minervini. Great content! Thanks, Paul. It’s always great to get his take. So much knowledge and experience he’s so willing to share. Good morning, all! Scott, without a doubt, great Stay in Step with the Market Friday! Great, thanks Jeff Good morning: MRNA is going down why? Continuation of Friday’s Merck Covid pill dynamic – MRK up while MRNA/BNTX fall. Plus, Covid cases are falling sharply in the U.S./world. Scott, I’m glad to see you are back from Napa-thank you for hosting the best “Take on the Market ” ever. I wish I was in Napa, it looks like it was fun. Thanks Gary, was fun, always nice to see people in person. Happy Monday IBD Live. GM Scott. Great to see you! Thanks James 🙂 what were the anchor prices on the channel line? 4/2/20 and 11/11/20 Hello Is MRNA’s ky falling? Will it recover from MERKS pill? It went into a climax run last week, so we would expect at least six months of consolidation. Many stocks never come back from that sort of action. TSLA gap up from Saturday news Rising in a buy zone. Does Scott still own DLO? No, do not own anything that is “growthy” in last few days, energy related names only how is Friday the first day of a rally on lower volume? thought you needed higher volume. thanks Day 1 of an attempted rally begins when a major index closes up from the previous session. Neither volume nor the size of the gain matters. Has INMD had a stock split? Yes. Took effect on Friday. AMD is under all it’s moving averages, but on below average volume. Downtrend? The reversal attempt has failed. Wait for another entry to appear. ZIM down 7%! Shipping is really hard hit. What is Scott’s stop-loss on AMBA? Sounds like he’s using a standard stop of 5%. Hey Scott, you’re a big hit on Twitter, The Stay in Step with the Market is buzzing. You and Irusha, Jim Roppel and Charles Harris gave us a fantastic lesson on the Market Well Done! I saw that, one guy said I was smart enuff to stay “out of the way”. 🙂 Scott, your tangents are great!! TY Scott Stay in Step was awesome! Great, glad it “worked” short sell FB ? pls comment I’d wait for a low volume bounce into the 50 day before shorting it. What is the lag time between MS and the market? Is this why you use TOS? MS is live charts but we use NASDAQ Real time so it wont grab every single trade like a TOS would, just trades as reported by the NASDAQ any thoughts on new IPO olpx. My daughter (College Senior)says this is the lulu of hair products. She got me on lulu and snap. Fundamentals look good. Thanks for bringing to our attention. Hard to imagine that TSLA can sustain overbot levels in this tape Agree. Eventually everything comes down if this correction persists. Where can we see the Napa valley webinar If you have a Founder’s Club subscription it will be posted later in the week. shopify at the 200 day. former leaders are collapsing. Let’s see if it can hold it. time to let NVDA find a bottom? not looking to healthy last couple of days It would be good to see it find support near the highs of the prior base. Never a good sign when a leader round trips a double digit gain from the prior breakout. What happened to DAC – WHAT A DROP! Sector rotation. I don’t like this type of market. Scott- I have a MS trendline alert on GM that would have hit at the 200 day. Have a price alert on F at $14.50. Neither triggered. Do we have a bug from this weekend’s update? Hi Matt, yes, I think so. Saw an email just now on alerts not working Scott used the term “Growth type, CAN SLIM type stocks” which we hear a lot here on IBD Live. Can we clarify what we really mean – how do we know what is a CAN SLIM stock? Can any stock become a CAN SLIM stock? High RS, strong quarterly EPS/sales, ROE, etc…. all the things Bill mentions in his book Scott. Didn’t WO say, “if you don’t sell early, you sell late? I read that in the book in 1994 and been selling too early ever since :). AAPL GOOGL hurt but the sale of YHOO in 1999 for example has turnd out pretty good. Cant get the all “perfect” Hey Good Morning I wish I would have made it to Napa Valley I didn’t know Roppel was going to be there until it was to late. I missed out. What is the plan for Newport Beach? I am going to make that! FOMO I guess… We should think about LKQ all the parts are here in the States there somwhat used and cheeper and the used car inventory that is sitting idle is in the 3rd garage stall, sitting in the driveway not running guys I know are saying I can get this car running and get it out of here? Thanks for everything, What do you think? Into BOIL early ! We will have a FC dinner in OC. I know Justin and myslef and Irusha will be in attendance, possibly others. Don’t believe Jim will be there though Is today a breakout for JPM? I view the breakout as being last week, but since it pulled back and got support at its pivot, it’s still in buy range. Do you know what happens with DAC?? I don’t. Really bad action in shipping firms. Is there an article on how to do a post trade analysis on IBD Here’s an article I wrote last year on post-trade analysis. Hope it’s helpful! “RE OIL: OPEC agrees to increase output by 400,000 BPD /month” Slowly unwinding pandemic output cuts. This move was expected, but oil prices soaring. Ali – Where is the Marketsmith Saturday webinar you referred to in the beginning of the show? Steve Do we hold zim, sblk now? Depends on where you bought ZIM, but it’s more than roundtripped its recent breakout and tumbled through 50-day line. Looks damaged. I never trusted SBLK’s recent bounce. Depends are where you bought it. ASML getting annihilated since last week. Is there news today? Don’t see anything but chips/techs are getting hit hard. My marketsmith alerts and percentages are still not working . i tried restarting my phone Think its a bug David, [email protected] for support Hey Guys, I’ve asked before on here. Ken keeps talking about wedging action. Please illustrate exactly what you mean on the chart. Thanks! Wedging = rally in low volume What is an IPO base that Scott referred to as needing to wait 5 days. Check out for our explainer on the IPO base 🙂 uranium looking well this morning. URA live answered to the Team – regarding the current outlook of “Market in Correction” – this is the first time since we began watching IBD Live about a 1-1/2 years ago that we actually followed IBD advice and trimmed positions significantly – going to all cash in 1 account and going to 60%+ cash in other accounts. It took that long to understand the wisdom in this IBD philosophy. The positions we still have are the best performers and we have raised any Stop/Loss orders to hold a good profit. Many thanks to IBD!!! (live in Mpls) So good to hear! To those of you with multiple accounts at TD Ameritrade: Is it possible to make simultaneous trades for multiple accounts at once? For example: “Buy XYZ using 10% of the portfolio value of each account.” Or, “Sell 50% of XYZ in each account.” If so, what feature should I investigate? It’s easy to do on the buy side. Sometimes it works for the sells. On ThinkorSwim, when you get the final window before you buy click on Multiple Accounts, highlight the accounts you wan to trade and then right click and choose the buying power option. Then hit send. Talk to TOS to get all the details. GM! What do you think of COF today moving above 10, 21 & 50 day lines? live answered Are we in like the ipo rafe, appears to be inflection correction. to many ipo’s via spacs? It definitely is a concern. Probably the clearest signal from a secondary indicator. If we undercut Fridays low on the Nasdaq but not the S&P does that keep the Friday rally day alive for follow through day rules? Yes. S&P showing better relative strength. If you have Founder’s Club subscription, will the webinar from Friday be downloadable to view and save? I don’t you think you can download it but it will be available for as long as you have a subscription. all uranium is killing it today, UUUU, URA, UEC, DNN CCJ live answered MS Webnr – Is that only for Founders club members or MS sub scribers also ? If so, where do we find that ? The MarketSmith webinar is available to MS subscribers. You can find it on the MS home page. COF? live answered TSLA over $800; Actionable here? It’s now at the very edge of a buy zone. Feels extended, especially on a weekly basis. Would like to see a real pullback (something you can really see on a weekly chart). Do you have to be in Founders club to see these videos? If not where are the videos? You have to have a FC subscription in order tosee the videos. I attended the Founders Club event Napa event last weekend. It is a great event It was great seeing you! The event was a blast. Enjoyed talkings with all you folks and picking your brains. Meals, and wine tasting etc.. real conversations. Mike, it was greating meeting you in person. Any recording for those Founder Members who didn’t travel on the Napa event? We did try and tape it (audio with slides). Our editors are checking out the quality. Are any of founders meetings on zoom Yes. The quarterly webinars are available and last week’s event will be posted this week. Is the workshop on 10/30/21 for Founders’ Club members only? Not at all. Our Traders Summits are free for anyone. Just sign up. We do a dinner after the event and that will be for Founder’s Club members. Scott, Iike your blurb “I saw that, one guy said I was smart enuff to stay “out of the way”. 🙂 🙂 Not everyone can afford all your clubs and services. What about perks for customers who have been subscribers of IBD newspaper and now IBD digital and at one time received the green and blue graphs? at least 25 years of more The Trading Summits are live and free if we happen to be in your area? We also do free webinars on IBD and MarketSmith does webinars for subscribers every week. I had placed Uranium (URNM) on my ready list yesterday, yet now extended past my buy point. How do you get in at the Line of Resistance buy point? Buy Stop (Limit) orders, or start watching 1 Min chart starting at 6:29A? Buy the trading day before potentially with an early buy? Set alerts on the chart and be ready to act. off topic question. Is there a problem with MarketSmith? I can’t get logged in. email [email protected] for help ‘@Ed is the money moving from maritime shipping to ground transportation? I don’t know. I think UNP got some positive analyst comments – helping the rails. Some trucking firms have been trading around buy points. FDX/UPS definitely not looking good. i notice the latest is last weeks industry groups on the FAQ page We update it after the show. How to get to this industry group ranking chart? We’ll include a link near the top of Is that table of Industries available somewhere? – we’ll get the latest table up in a couple hours. IBD Live team, How can I get access to this IBD group spreadsheet that Justin was showing now We post it on the IBD Live FAQ page. Are you putting on hedges SQQQ or SDOW? live answered how about G8063 That’s a tough one to analyze. There are 750 stocks in there and very different things driving them. I mean the Excel one with the color that Justin was showing before. We will add it to after the conclusion of today’s show! Hi, why SQQQ rather than short the Nasdaq futures as Chris Gessel? Thanks! That was in my IRA. Can’t short there. If the quality stocks are not rallying, then the garbage off the bottom isn’t going to rally either. So true. Scott – SHOP – testing 200 day – Any thoughts? live answered NEVER chase a short or a long So true. RS Line Blue Dot screen is most interesting right now… Definitely worth studying RS Blue Dot and RS line at new highs lists. So, the earliest possible Follow through day would be next Monday? If the market reverses higher or nearly positive, today could be Day 1, otherwise Friday would be the earliest day for a Day 4 follow through. MOS anyone? Giving back most of today’s early gains. That’s why we are reluctant to play the stocks still working in the early stages of a correction. Sorry – missed the location of the spreadsheet that was showing earlier. Can you tell me where that is? Ed – is RS Blue Dot and RS Line at new highs the same screen? RS blue dot includes stocks in bases/breaking out that day (or week) with RS line at highs. RS Line New Highs (under G250 target lists) includes all top stocks with RS lines at new highs — even if greatly extended and not buyable. having trouble fing the excel spreadsheet on the site can you give the location again? – we will add the new one after today’s show INMD down 11% today. Utter destruction across the board. Sometimes stocks hold up – until they don’t. dumb question, did you go over DVN or MTDR yet? Yes. Ken covered it about 30 minutes ago. Justin’s Traders’ Anonymous time, lol Absolutely!

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