Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification: Pass Its Corresponding Exam Using Practice Tests and Enjoy the Benefits

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification validates the individuals’ capability to work with Google Cloud technologies. The credential equips the professionals with extensive expertise in Google Cloud Platform and Cloud architecture, which enables them to develop and manage highly effective solutions within their company.

Overview of Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam

The Google Professional Cloud Architect exam is available in English and Japanese. This is a 2-hour test with multiple-choice questions. The exam has no official prerequisite but the candidates are recommended to have at least three years of work experience, including a minimum of one-year experience in the design and management of solutions using Google Cloud Platform It is available as an online proctored test, which can be taken remotely. The exam can also be taken as an onsite proctored one at any testing center. To register for this certification exam, you need to pay $200 as the registration fee.

Skills Measured in Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam

The exam is designed to evaluate the candidates’ knowledge and skills in a variety of domains. To achieve success in this certification test, you must understand the topic areas as well as their comprehensive details. The Google Professional Cloud Architect is designed to check one’s ability to:

  • Plan and design Cloud solutions architecture
  • Design for compliance and security
  • Provision and manage Cloud solutions infrastructure
  • Optimize and analyze business and technical processes
  • Ensure operations and solution reliability
  • Manage Cloud architecture implementation

Tips to Pass Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam

Although this test has no official prerequisite, the students must pass it to achieve their certification status. The tips highlighted here will help you develop the required skills to succeed in your Google exam.

  • Review the Exam Guide

You’ll find the complete details of the exam topics in the official study guide. Take time to look through it to know if your current competence is in alignment with the objectives of the certification test.

  • Take the Training Course

Google offers a variety of training options to help the learners develop competence in the exam content. Go through the official webpage for the details of the available training.

  • Develop Hands-on Skills

The exam evaluates technical skills, so hands-on experience is required to adequately prepare for the exam. You’ll find many virtual labs online to help you gain the necessary expertise.

  • Take Practice Tests

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam may include some case studies that describe some real-world business and solution models. Review the available sample case studies to develop your test-taking skills. You’ll find ample practice tests and exam dumps online to help in this area.


Being a certified specialist has a lot of benefits. First of all, it will add value to your resume, enhance your status with the employees, and open up new career opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to join the Google Cloud community and exchange your ideas with the associates. Use online resources to develop the required skills to pass your certification test at the first attempt and obtain the credential with ease.

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