IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, March 3, 2022

Question Answer “All, How about a survey vote on the MarketSmith Top Stocks book for 2021? Who wants the MarketSmith Top Stocks chart books to continue? Yes, No, I have each of the 11-year series and use them often. Thank You, Marc” Are they still continuing a digital version? How do you find the articles referenced on the show and which Justin talked about on the video last night? It is hard to find articles. Please help. You can always do a search by author. Here is the one I was talking about Harold – Great stuff you had on the “Take on the Market” podcast. Any chance you can go over the process you explained regarding additions to the weekly top industry groups? Thank you, I’ll have to talk to the IBD Live team about making a presentation Good Morning, what ticker did Harold and Justin mention? Harold – FMC & Justin – UNH GM, joned late. Can you please post today’s tickers from the panelists? FMC, SQM, UNH Harold, can you draw trend lines using the MS app on the iPAD I don’t think so, I do not have an iPad. Email MarketSmith and ask, [email protected] Rachel’s pick? Looking at MU SQM, RMBS trig live answered DDOG dropped sharply after hours last night. Do you think that was a sympathy move with SNOW? Didn’t see any news on the company specifically. I think so. SNOW/OKTA/other highly valued software makers are taking a toll on DDOG, yes. UNP trig from flat base live answered NMM (shipper) trig Certainly a leader in a leading industry group this year. Right, not far from the 33.07 handle entry on that neighbor cup. Good morning! What do you think of GFS, now that it is above the moving averages and that February high of $60.99? live answered KR jumping up this AM … Nice action lately, Tom! And we put it on the Ready List on Tue, I think as that new base formed. Thoughts on CRDO? It’s what THE LIFECYCLE CHANGE authors call a Rocket Ship pattern. If you owned it, would you hold for a possible double or more per their book? Hi Gregg, interesting one to look at. In the data networking area, which has some bright spots amid the beleaguered tech sector right now. No earnings expected until FY 2023, which ends in April, so we’d want to see outstanding sales growth.
Institutions focused on the SE, FSLY and PTONs of the world back in 2020-2021 when interest rates were ultra low and the Fed was pumping liquidity into the economy. But we’re in 2022, and the market’s mind has changed. Credo Tech’s sales
growth is not really up to snuff: flat in Jan 2021 qtr, up 47%, down 3% and up 83%. Not sure why the growth is lumpy. HatMan Dave UNH not impressive eps and sales You raise a good point; UNH’s sales were rising only 3%, 8%, 7% and 9% from q2 2020 to q1 2021, but has now accelerated. For the megacap companies, we’ve found that steady low double-digit EPS and revenue growth can be enough to justify it as a fundamental leader. HatMan Thoughts on JOE and other Real Estate? PSTG? Solid breakout. JOE crossed some kind of trend line last week, and volume really came in. To me, 55.59 is a valid buy point as well; 5% buy zone from there goes up to 58.37. What about MOH in that group live answered Does SQM have a second pivot point at 71.5? Since there was a true handle, 67.60 is the better entry, a dime above the 10-day handle’s high. I was told by MS the book was not to be produced for 2021. That’s right, the Best Stocks Of The Year books were originally meant to be as gifts for the in-person MarketSmith seminars. But we’ve gone online mainly now. CNC as well in that group live answered MOH setting up as well live answered UNH has been going up on higher volume for four days in a row. Previous guests have suggested this is something to be aware of and wait to buy when things pull back a bit. Is the four days up foe UNH a concern? Thanks and GM! Hey Catherine! It’s primarily the percentage move that we look at when we say a stock looks extended after a few sessions when it’s technically in a buy zone or even an early entry, rather than smaller price gains in solid volume. Look at PANW vs. UNH as a comparison of the “look” of something that needs a break after a few strong days. That’s not to say UNH won’t take a break here, it could! It’s just 2.5% above its 10-week line, which is a reasonable level to initiate a position for those who are interested in getting exposure to the group. That’s because if the stock reverses decisively below the 10-week line, you’ll know quickly if you’re wrong without risking that much on the trade. CNC? live answered Tech question… UNH vs ANTH why is it that it’s better for ANTH that it didn’t undercut its recent low? Why isn’t the undercut (flushing out the last weak holders) better for UNH? live answered DVN down 3 days in a row Notice how since mid-Jan, DVN has successfully fought through pullbacks to the 21-day EMA. Four times, in fact. Rachel, can you discuss RMBS for us? live answered STE trig live answered GSL – thanks for covering it yesterday – I nibbled and I’m already taking profit. Tiny wins count! 🙂 You’re picking a good stock in a good industry. Well done, Jeannine! RMBS ,thanks live answered what about shorting MOS here? live answered NEM is looking really good We still have an earnings options play w/ Newmont in Leaderboard. ZIM NH live answered STE entering a buy zone. Thoughts live answered HLLY trig Thinly traded and wild, but an interesting business! Breakout past 12.85 did not bear much fruit, though. Only a 14% expected earnings per share growth fcst for 2022. Hello, I am not receiving any emails after IBD Live, with watchlists. Do you still send these out after the session? Please call IBD Customer Service, 800-831-2525 CF looks less extended that MOS, LXU It too is above an upper-channel line AMD? Leaders in that group are now RMBS, AOSL rather than AMD, NVDA RMBS, ACLS, AOSL, MU have lower P/Es. ACLS was looking good. live answered SQM — Took of like a ROCKET It sure did! And then pulled back. It’s still early, but that’s exactly why we don’t want to chase! SQM — + 12.19% – Vol + 1005% Wow! VRTX – constructive action lately and nice action today. live answered Thoughts on BOX please. Thanks team. live answered Can we look at PANW? A few more days and maybe we get a high handle/shelf. Aggressive traders may decide to act here Hey Alissa, I enjoyed your “Dating vs. Falling in Love” interview with David. Very well done. The fact that you did the interview in your homes was nice – love those cowboy boots David! [thumbs up emoji] This is the sort of content I can share
with friends and relatives at the novice investor level to introduce them to IBD and CAN SLIM principles. So glad to hear this, Paul!! it’s been fun to do those interviews in that style 🙂 Thank you for sharing with friends and relatives, that’s definitely one of our goals — making investing content accessible to more people while still appealing to our existing audience. Thank you for the feedback! (From Dave: Pls be sure to subscribe to Alissa Coram on Youtube!) Will you please take a look at VRTX? Vertex dominates the market it works in (Cystic Fibrosis) and checks off most of the CAN SLIM boxes! live answered GSL (Shipping)? live answered Can you discuss ARCH and that sector in general please? live answered Love IBDLive. Have to travel today and still able to watch on my phone Great! what about WPM Ed? live answered Be careful, Some of the extended metal & mining stocks only look extended on daily charts, but looks like a breakout on weekly charts. look at BTU as an example… Good point. I would love a session on Charles rules, has this been covered on a podcast or elsewhere? Thanks Yes! We went into detail on his pullback strategy in a podcast episode quite a while back… but lessons that still apply today! What’s wrong with Snowflake though it beat the earnings estimate? Guidance – while slightly above views – wasn’t good enough, apparently. (From Dave: pls note, SNOW did not report a non-GAAP earnings figure, just a GAAP net loss — more here ) Can you show the CF upper channel line? Draw a line connecting the highs from 63.40, 68.09, 74.77 and extend the line to the right I’ve been in ARCH for a month, it has been acting well. Is there anything special or just a seasonal play? Way to go, Lavonna! This could be another one where it’s breaking an upper-channel line. 22% above the 10-day MA and that’s a level we typically start seeing some overheated stocks come in a bit. Coal remains a top industry group for a while
now. I have not done the digging on the fundamental side to know what’s special about Arch was yesterday a FTD? No, volume was below prior day’s on NYSE and Nasdaq. thoughts on an early entry on SFM? Broke an old trend line I had live answered NEM I thought gold was tied to inflation rather than the Ukraine invasion There might be some of that, but gold didn’t really take off – despite inflation – until around the Ukraine invasion. HON still up – early buy point? It’s in a downtrend — we prefer focusing on buying stocks in established uptrends or at least breaking out of bottoming bases. Too early for HON With the Ukraine being a large grain supplier and that being restricted now are there grain stock plays setting up? Take a look at the WEAT ETF — wayyy out of there! Wish I would’ve gotten in at 8 🙂 DLTR taking off live answered Coal is killing it again. Are there any in the group to get into here or are they all extended live answered ZIM 25% tax on DIV to Israel You’re right. DAC – nice setup Did they cover that one? I had to step away LULU was a ST short a few days ago. They closed it. I took the trade but didn’t cover yet. I actually shorted a little more today on the downturn from the high. Would the ST folks consider re-shorting? I held my bear call spread as well. It kind of got in that no-man’s land between the 21-day and 50-day so not sure if the setup is as clean for a new trade. Don’t forget the roasted chicken for $4.95!! Costco My mother-in-law basically buys two every time she goes. Energy – BKR live answered Look at ARCH live answered ARCH, 8 wk hold rule? live answered this is for harold. If the price breaks the 10 day. What percentage below the 20 day on on volume to you sell. I look at 2 closes below the 21ema before I consider selling When y’all say, ‘Model Book,’ are you referring to what is now called MarketSmith? In Bill’s book How To Make Money In Stocks there are a ton of model book stock charts — these are examples of the market’s biggest winners Justin: I have mentioned it here several times, but do you have plans to publish your Bill memoirs? You have described so many lessons that you learned from your close working with him. They are always so instructional! Hey Richard! Justin and I actually publilshed a video yesterday in which Justin talks about some of his favorite Bill lessons/stories. Check it out when you get a chance! 🙂 you guys mention “model books” a number of times. Do you have a place where we can see a summary of these? Check out Bill’s book How To Make Money In Stocks for a ton of examples of model stocks. Harold mentioned where he is taking profits, could he elaborate on where he is setting stops to control risk? My stops are 3-5% below my buy point. Rachel – your SQM is up nicely today live answered Good morning, at what point do you consider a stock is for swing trade. What criteria or sign is useful. Check out Justin’s swing trading column: Anyone remember a particular oil stock being discussed earlier? I think it was around $18 in a downward sloping trend line for a possible early entry. But due to today’s market environment, Harold mentioned he was not ready to enter it yet.
I thought the ticket was KIM but that’s in a different industry You had the letters right! KMI. with grocery, shipping, etc moving up and tech tanking, i would you see this as a flee to safety? Certainly, a little more cash moving into defensive plays. Keep an eye on the industry groups rankings and the sector rankings within the stock tables, too. Both get updated a few hours after the close every day. Before Final Thoughts, what do you think about Country Plays? Interested in EWC + EWM. Please Advise. EWC is up only mildly. Locked in a 36-40 price range. EWM is interesting, haven’t looked at the South Asian ETFs recently. Trying to break a downtrend? Oil Futures volatility all over the board today. Range 106-116.57 . Current 110.13. Nice info, thanks Jon Thank you, Ed. Appreciate it. Sold half last night after hours and got stopped out on the other half this morning. Will keep watching it. It was a small position so tolerable loss. live answered happy anniversary ED! live answered Nice work Ed,Harold,Justin and Rachel live answered

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