IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A terrific Tuesday morning to the entire IBD Live International Team from Minneapolis! Let’s do this !! Hey Scott! Happy one year Anniversary Follow thru Day! Indeed, for the Nasdaq! Day 10 FTD, April 6, 2020, not counting the pink rally day! my first casette i ever bought – 1984. Back in my young youth. the memories. So nice Panama! (This one’s for Chris!) Absolutely! Play Lee Oskar – Before The Rain – Good morning tune! Thanks for the suggestion Duncan! hheeeyyyyyy Wut Up scott!!! Gm Bro! Good AM, thanks! If you start with Van Halen everyday I will be alright. 🙂 Yeah! Today may be my 1 year anniversary date of IBD live Happy Anniversary! 3 weeks tight on WSM? If this week, WSM closes less than 1.5% above or below the prior week, we could be under way Gary. Good idea to keep an eye on this one! On Leaderboard. What are your thoughts on trading NUE? NUE is one of the leaders in the hot steel group. But it’s far extended from a buy point. Good morning from Chicago and happy Tuesday! thanks for joining us, as always, Peter! Is UPST a high (maybe tight) flag? The 35% correction is too much for a HTF. Still one to watch. thoughts on qrvo plz Looks good. The real buy point is 185.96, so from that perspective QRVO is a little extended from the 5% chase zone. Excited about the ETF Webinar today. Has anyone done a study on buying and holding TQQQ only while the Powertrend is on? If only there was someone who loved Excel spreadsheets… 🙂 That webinar is next Tuesday — April 13th! Good morning Chris! Glad you are on the show. Thanks Thanks Jeffrey! Are you planning on adding more people to the team.. since I joined Webby is gone.. now Irusha.. seems like the cumulative yrs of experience is decreasing.. (just watching the trend)….. Love the experience brought in by Scott, Chris, Justin, Dave, Ken, Ed Irusha is still a weekly contributor to this show! We also have special guests approximately once a week including Joe Fahmy, Jon Najarian, Charles Harris, David Ryan, Jason Thomson, etc. please look at algn live answered Good morning – any thoughts on QCOM is it at a good early entry point live answered What do you make of the IRBT chart ? It’s looking better and better Frank! Can you analyze AVNW please? live answered Will you ever be able to have Mike Webster as a quest? Well, Mike Webster’s quest to run a portfolio includes a ban on speaking about the market in public. If that ever changes, we would love to have Webby on as a guest. What were the stock picks this morning by you geniuses? I came in late, thank [email protected] Tickers on our radar early include: RBLX, URA, COWN, ALHC, TXG What does the team think about INMD? Hi Cheryl! INMD is doing a great job this year; an entry point near 69 arose when the stock hopped off its 10-week moving average. Hi, talking about the fundamentals, would you consider an ex leader when has been beaten on the technicals but continued to have good fundamentals, and now breaking out from a base but below its 200 day SMA (e.g KL is breaking out from double bottom) … thank you We look for stocks with good fundamentals but want to buy at the right time. KL is in a long downtrend, far below its 200-day line and hitting resistance at its 50-day line. Also, the EPS estimates suggest much-slower growth in 2021 and 2022. Gold price has slumped, partly due to a stronger dollar and perhaps a switch to Bitcoin and digital assets. IPO gbox released huge numbers. Payments processor in bitcoin Thanks Brian! GBOX is having a great week for sure. No doubt, interest in blockchain is likely to keep growing. I’d like to know why GreenBox’s sales are quite volatile quarter to quarter. SMG has more of a V-shape, which tends to be prone to failure? V shape isn’t great. But the handle was nice. good morning from tel aviv….comments about REKR? thank you Hi Albert! REKR is def a winner. The latest base, a 5-week cup, is V-shaped and thus flawed. Yet, Rekor found bullish support at the 10-week MA. Given the solid move out of another deep cup past 7.90, the stock may need more time to rest. Just my thoughts. Cheers, Hat Man Dave GM – would you discus IRA vs Taxable account partitioning strategies? Ronil, if you are willing to buy back a stock that shakes you out for a small loss and not worry about the tax implications of triggering the wash sale rule, then the IRA account is more advantageous. If you buy back a stock in which you had trading losses less than 30 days after you sold the stock, you cannot use that prior loss as an offset other capital gains. ASO was a great tip last week – bought in Thurs Glad to hear it, Paul! UPST ??? Still super strong. Don’t chase; it may be starting to form the high, tight, flag, but Upstart is not there yet. NASDAQ not follow through day yet? Nasdaq composite had a follow-through day on March 31. Can you review TXN? Its above a monthly trend line – is that a good sign or signal to take profits? live answered How can I find the IBD ready list again? We have a summary of the show and a link at the top of the summary; go to Hatman’s listing of top sectors and their movement in his news brief was phenomenally helpful. Could he make that a daily standard. It ranks right up their with reviewing the Daily Mkt review. Thx guys and girls. Really appreciate that. Thanks Rod hey, no need to respond….but could I beg you to bring more diversity to your lineup of guests? All white guys for April. Not a great look. I love Ally, we need more gals! Harold is on twice a week. Ali three times. Of course Irusha is still appearing. DEN was 83 premarket now inthe 40’s any ideas what was going on? I think there was one share traded late Monday at 83 – but it never *really* moved much at all. While the NASDAQ has been up, it has been on lower than normal volume. How much of the uptrend is driven by the big caps (ie, how broad is the uptrend) and how do you factor that in on judging market health? live answered CLF and VALE – buyable today? Both are in buy range. VALE’s buy point is now 18.24. Dreams on screen Oops sorry! your music app is covering the ticker oops! my bad FB NH live answered to the Team – AMP is in a buy zone from an ascending base; buy point 234.01 to 245.71; this morning around $239 Didn’t work for us on SwingTrader but it came back and looking good. Has Irusha left IBD? With News Corp. buying IBD, Irusha is going to stick with the old parent as an O’Neil portfolio manager. He’s going to be a frequent guest though. ABNB is moving today live answered Hi. Can’t see the team besides the speaker – is there a problem? Hi Gabriel! You may need to check your Zoom settings — troubleshooting tips at 🙂 SE above 50 live answered Can you talk about GBOX- it is an ipo. when do you buy off ipo base? When do you buy if there is good news at opening…within first 5 or 15 minutes can you can tell if it will hold its momentum? live answered Could you like at VALE please. live answered any interest in ERIC ? live answered Can you look at WMT? live answered TWTR,SQ please review ….actionable? live answered What’s happening to solar – DQ? I don’t know why solar plays are down so much. Obviously, highly valued growth names have been hard hit in the past couple of months. Also, the trend over the past few weeks has been lower oil prices, which isn’t great for alt-energy. SE rocking Nice move over 50-day line. ABNB live answered GRBK really moving Nice breakout! sorry, not directly correlated…but how do we set up swing trader notif to our phone? Hi! We have a mobile app — please reach out to our customer service team if you need assistance with this! What about GRBK, it is breaking out live answered ASO: meets the 8-weeks hold rule? Arguably yes! SNAP and TWTR on move live answered BKE just bought some live answered How much volume do you like to see to add a swing trade Chris? He was referring to the SwingTrader product. We need at least $100 million or more. We have so many subscribers anything less can’t handle the buying that comes in. Scott… What was the name of the Chernobyl Documentary? Sounds fascinating Think its called Chernobyl 🙂 HBO docu-drama, starts out slow but really picks up and is a great watch What does annotation “PPO” mean on UCTT chart? Proposed Primary Offering. The company is selling shares. BOOT — Retail Apparel . . . (19/197) gapped up this morning – Volume only +22%. Price action looks great, but volume is dropping off. DKS broke out …is it extended nat this point? live answered URA shows an Ascending Base. Is an Ascending Base rare? In each of the 3 bases it says stage 2(2). Why doesn’t the stage change in each loop? Because it’s one base. Each pullback is not long enough to be a base on their own. What about ROKU as a swing trade? We look for stocks trending above their 50 day lines. Too much potential resistance when they are below a declining 50-day. Scott please tell me you watched Godzilla and Kong in a theatre! home “theatre” 🙂 It’s always interesting when Scott is on the show. He bring some very unique stocks/ETFs to consider!!! Thanks 🙂 CHRIS, GT trying to breakout, do you add to your pos today? No volume, so I probably sit tight with the shares I have. Hi Scott – is the Uranium ticker UEC? URA is the ETF, UEC an individual stock ‘@scott FRHC thanks!! so far so good I thought Scott was going to talk about COWN? as well, I’ll see if we can circle back to it ALI — What do you think of EL’s product line? Nice consolidation. Impressive monthly chart. I like it a lot and have it on the SwingTrader watch list. I’d like to see a bigger move with some volume. poll question: best time of the day to trade I’ve made a note of this — thanks! The iPhone does not show all the moving averages or it’s chart. Is it possible to add this to the iPhone? Which app are you referring to — MarketSmith? If so, I have the 10day SMA and 21day EMA on mine What is the good range of fund ownership? Thanks. Ideally, the top quartile or so (40-50) of IBD’s industry groups. But it’s not a make-or-break metric for us ZIM exhibiting accelerating sales and earnings in a leading industry group! Looks to be setting up again as well! Looking strong. Would you guy’s be willing to post the short formula Dave just used on the FAQ page? It would be great if you could. Thank you We have an explainer video linked! 🙂 CHRIS — YETI starting to move! Looking great. YETI breaking DT line I like the volume. PENN— Thanks Allie’s hubby!! 😉 Yeah we were definitely talking about this stock last summer on this show! Way to go, Ali! Your reporting is head and shoulders above CNBC….. Ah, you are too kind. Luckily with online video content, you don’t have to worry about commercial breaks! That definitely allows us to go a bit deeper with these executives. My Bad! Thank you, AC! All good!! Happy to help!! Again please: ASO: meets the 8-weeks hold rule? This Q will be featured in today’s poll! 🙂 YETI YETI YETI! live answered has chwy all ready been covered? CHWY is stuck below its 21-day line and is a long way from its 50-day line. Needs to get above those levels before CHWY would start to look interesting. What about SHOP ? Above its 21-day line, hitting resistance near its s-t March highs and below its 50-day line. Looks a lot like TSLA in those broad strokes. It’ll be more interesting once it can get above its 50-day line. Can you see my messages? I asked questions every day and is never answered, wondering if it is a technical problem that you dont see my messages Hi Jorge! Seeing this one — what’s your question? We have hundreds of unanswered Qs in our queue right now, the audience only sees the ones that are answered. Trying to get to as many as we can, thanks for your patience! Just saw the answer to my short interest question above. 🙂 You can also add % short float to your stock lists in MarketSmith and avoid having to do the calc on each stock. se rocking live answered Can we take a look at SE live answered Ali, question for Poll: Benefits of using Daily or Weekly chart for entry point into stock. Which seem to work best? Noted. Thank you! 🙂 MS needs a magnifiying glass feature! On Mac, you can do “control +” to zoom in! I’m assuming there’s something similar for PC 🙂 what is the name of that book Scott just mentioned? Big Money Thinks Small Tillinghast author “Ali Yes I am using MS on the iPhone and all the Moving averages do not show.” Hmm, OK — reach out to [email protected] for help with this! I have them on mine Did the symbol change for the Nasdaq? On ToS it’s COMP:GIDS Any comments on SMPL Trying to bounce back. I don’t think the old buy point is valid. SMPL has earnings on Wed – so that’s a risk factor. UCTT STRONG LATELY, DOWN 9% THIS MORNING? Stock offering announcement knocks UCTT. Marketsmith Tip: When MS is not acting properly, rather than going through multiple steps of clearing cache, simply hold down command key and press R. This works very well on Mac. Thanks for the tip, Joe! Any reason why MY gapped down this morning? Has been doing so well. You may have already discussed this. I just logged on to IBD Live. MT is down modestly but after running up a lot. One of the clear leaders in the steel group. Disappointing to see Irusha off the show. His trading style almost mirrored mine. Each person brings your unique self to the show …so appreciative. Luckily he’s not off the show, he’s still a weekly panelist 🙂 But totally understand where you’re coming from! Good morning. Is Chris going to be with IBD post acquisition or he would be moving to O’Neill Asset management? Chris is IBD’s Chief Content Officer and creator of this show! IBD all the way 🙂 how is TX looking Down a bit today, but it’s been doing well, extended from buy point. “What is the percent invested (in non retirement accounts) by the panel? How much do they take taxes into consideration with their decisions?” live answered Is there a reasonable timeframe where swingtrades become stale? Depends on how they are acting. Sometimes we’ll get a 3% or 5% quickly and then it goes dormant for a week. If the action is tight it often is setting up for another move. Thank you for the Command R to refresh. On a Mac. So easy!! live answered Chris, MT on 3/23 fell almost 7% in a day, said by a fellow shaken out-er. 🙂 That’s why I focus on the 10-week. Stocks that hold the 10-week are generally OK. Mike and I would often buy the same stocks and he would get shaken out while I would sit. If you like taking small percentage losses, you need to be OK with getting back into those positions. Who is the author of the book Scott talked about, Big money think small? I missed it. thanks Joel Tillinghast Mark Minervini is going to be a guest? Yes, he’s been on before and we’re always glad to have him. April 19. What about special guest Mike Webster 🙂 Eventually, we hope. We definitely want him. Thank you! I googled ‘chernobyl’ and there were 5 videos. I will check out 😉 It was a great HBO miniseries. Can we able to get Mike Webster as a special guest to IBD Live? Webster’s new job doesn’t let him speak publicly on the market. If/when he can, we would LOVE to have Webby on IBD Live. Thoughts on UI, please? Smashed on claims of a wider hacking breach than it had admitted. It’s going to take time to repair. Thank u Scott! Thanks for listening 🙂 LOL Hope it helps RBC taking too long to make it back up? Sell? Understandable if you sold it when it tumbled to its 50-day line, but now it’s above its buy point again, having a solid week. Seems to be acting well. It’s nice to have some diversity in your *leading* stocks. That said, it’s not so amazing that you *have* to keep it. Nice recommendation Dave on margin. I have never been on margin and probably never will. live answered Great perspective by Dave live answered Great Discussion of margin and risk Thank u Hat man and Scott live answered CLF? live answered Everybody is positive on market, but what about volume being so low yesterday? live answered If you agree w/ Buffett, that would hurt IBD biz We do have a “Buffett style” strategy, it’s called Long-Term Leaders. Details here: Scott, would give me the name of the book you mentioned earlier? Hey Lane! He put it in the Q&A earlier: Big Money Thinks Small Tillinghast author Thanks for the reminder there, Scott (Yogi Berra). Minervini only looks at the indexes after the Market Close. He let’s his stocks guide his interpretation of what the markets are doing intraday. When all is said and done and at the end of the day it makes sense to me and I have to follow that philosophy. Are my STOCKS working or aren’t they? Like you say, price up = good, price down = bad! Hi Shane, Interesting, I have seen Mark mention more focus on stocks for him on his TWTR feed. Thanks! Ed, TSLA making a nice move….will it break 700 Not doing much today, yet. I’d say the March highs are important and then the 50-day line. Even then it would need some more work IMO. Thanks Ed. I guess it is a sell? It’s been a sell since it broke decisively through its buy point. I don’t know what it will do from here. It could rebound, plunge or be dead money. 40week. Is that similar to 200day? Yes! Only it’s using 40 data points instead of 200 Wow Allie! You are quick It was surprising they believed me for a millisecond! A delayed April Fools joke, I suppose 😉 Thanks for SE…..its up nicely in an 1/2 hour live answered SE — bounce off of 50 day — have u already talked about this? Thnx Yep. About 30 to 45 minutes ago. Check out ASO now! Yes. It’s run up a lot in recent days. This is a reason why we say don’t buy extended. If you bought correctly, ASO is doing just fine. But not so much fun if you bought at today’s high. FB? Edging lower, still in buy range. “PINS: Monster Stock, Monster Ownership 1/03/2021 *ZEVENBERGEN GENEA 2.6% A+; *Firsthand Tech 3.8% A+; *Barron Opportunity 2.4% A+; *TRANS AMERICA 1.7% A+; *MFS Tech A+; *Allianz Gi Tech A+; *Franklyn Dynatech A+; *Primecap Odyssey Aggr Grwth; *MS INST DISCV 2% A+, *Contra; *Fid Gro; *Blackrock Tech A+; *Oakmark Global E; – OAKMARK BOUGHT HIGH PE STOCK I looked for precedents where stocks Broke out Big then Pulled Back Ugly I found that the Pivot of the PRIOR BASE was the level to potentially get back in >, OR you have to wait for a much higher entry on a proper base. There is also the YHOO Principle where is was just VERY hard to get back into as the stock accelerated to the Upside PINS has cleared that level” I like how PINS is rebounding too! Hat Man Dave Bought some TXG…..thanks Chris Cheers YETI — Getting close to breaking a downward sloping line . . . watching closely. Answered live David, could you please go over the short interest calculation for Academy Sports & Outdoor (ASO) again? Many thanks! Yes! Take the short interest ratio number, multiply by the 50-day average volume. Take this amount and compare with the stock’s float. So for ASO: 6.7 short interest ratio x 1.85 mil shrs/day average volume = 12.4 mil shares sold short! That’s 14% of the total float of 87.2 mil shares. It would be helpful for the team to review % of portfolio invested and how many securities. The approach to re-entering would also be interesting. Thanks Answered live Please draw a trendline on daily for COWN. Done Dubai opened its first nuclear reactor today Interesting! first energy in ohio is closing all 4 of there reactors due to the high cost and regulations Thanks for the intel super great show !! Super great to hear! Keep up the great work We shall!

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