The Best Keyboards: Enthusiast, Wireless, Gaming & More

The Logitech K780 is nearly 5 years old, but its age only happens to go in its favor as the keyboard can now be had for just $56. It has firmly remained our recommendation in this category for several years and for good reason… Wireless? Check. Bluetooth? Check. Device switching? Check. Integrated tablet stand? Check.

The K780 can manage up to three devices running distinct OS (iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, you name it), and if you’re on a desktop or laptop that doesn’t have Bluetooth, Logitech includes its own Unifying receiver.

The K780’s round keys might feel unusual at first but don’t take much time to get used to. A side benefit of this design is more generous spacing between keys, which helps to keep mistypes down to a minimum.

The Best Keyboards: Enthusiast, Wireless, Gaming & More

Pairing to a new device is easy: you simply hold down the F1, F2, or F3 buttons until their respective lights flash rapidly. At this point, the keyboard is in Pairing Mode and will be visible to all nearby devices. Complete the connection on that device, and you’re ready to go.

The K780 is comfortable and responsive enough for most people’s typing needs with a good amount of travel, and Logitech’s PerfectStroke key system makes it quieter than most keyboards. Unfortunately, the device suffers somewhat due to the lack of a built-in stand — the K780 does have a slight front to back incline to make typing more comfortable, but extra adjustment options would have been excellent. The K780 lacks a few fancier features like backlighting, but since it can withstand up to two years of heavy use before needing a battery swap, we won’t complain too much there.

Logitech offers a few similar Bluetooth keyboards at this price point, but we consider the K780 to be the most well-rounded in terms of features and design. If that’s a little more than you were hoping to spend, the cheaper and more basic K380 ($30) is a solid option, too. Its smaller and the lighter form factor makes it easier to carry around than the K780, but it lacks a built-in smartphone or tablet holder, which means you’ll need to get more creative with your positioning.

Alternative: Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless

The ergonomically designed K860 wireless is all about user comfort. Its curved, split-key layout, pillowed wrist rest and adjustable palm lift is meant to reduce strain and improve typing posture. The K860 brings Logitech’s usual feature-rich connectivity experience to the table (or your desk), including Wireless and Bluetooth modes, Flow and Options app support, and wide OS compatibility.

It uses a pair of AAA batteries that can last for up to two years and is helped by the fact that there’s no backlighting.

The Best Keyboards: Enthusiast, Wireless, Gaming & More

The quiet chiclet keys are geared towards typists and users in office environments, though they’ll need to clear up some space due to the K860’s rather large footprint. It’s a 109-key full-sized keyboard, and the unusual design with the fixed palm rest end up in a slightly bulky 1.16 kg/2.56 lb keyboard. At $120, the K860 it’s twice the cost of the K780, but user comfort features and modern design might help justify the price difference, making it a worthy alternative.

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